Eric Raphael Mizrahi (Hebrew:אריק רפאל מזרחי; born October 2nd, 1987) is an Israeli cinematographer and director. He won Vilko Filac Award as best cinematography for "Ave Maria" since taking the “risk of having different textures … and being at the service of the film, showing his personality and expressing the narrative desire of the director” at Kustendorf film and music festival 2016.
Ave Maria was also nominated the same year for an OSCAR -

short live action film at the 88 academy awards.

Mizrahi was born Reshon Lezion at the evening Yom Kippur 1987 to an Egyptian jews father and a German christian mother who came for a short vacation in Eilat and fell in love with a local real estate dealer. His mother spoke German and English, but his father spoke only Hebrew. Mizrahi is the oldest of a two children
Mizrahi started shooting photos by using his mother 35mm camera since he was 13 years old.
He studied cinematography at Ort Megadim Carmiel and graduated with his debut film "Kol Nidrey" as a director.

Mizrahi was not averse to any project in the film industry and was a lighting director in more than 11 feature films.
In 2015 decided to become full time job cinematographer, since than he is trying to conquer the world as best cinematographer.

Cinematography and Directing career
His first great cinematographer appearance was in Ava Maria (2015) which received great appreciation and has won numerous awards, including one for best cinematography.
He had worked on several projects, all received recognition. Now and Forever (2012), part of Israeli -Palestinian cinematic projects debuts collections, which appeared in over 60 festivals worldwide, including the opening of the Venice Film Festival. Stolen (2014), which was included in the official competition of the International Student Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Since 2012 Mizrahi work on his first feature film as a director and scriptwriter of "Children of a Summer’s End"

a story about two magicians who explores the meaning of love through the power of magic.

Eric was shooting his first big budget feature film "A Gaza Weekendas a cinematographer and the shooting were postponing to 2021 because of COVID - 19.
In between Mizrahi is shooting feature films, commercials, short films, video arts, music videos and various artistic projects

 while keep develops his own unique language and improving the image he sees.


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